Current Work

I work with Dr. Julianne Dalcanton on the PHAT survey and its upcoming M33 counterpart. Currently I am working with supplemental Hα data (proposal 13857) to identify and characterize emission line stars such as Be stars and symbiotic stars.

I also work with Dr. Ben Williams on WINGS, one of the WFIRST science investigation projects. We are working on quantifying systematics of measured star formation histories of nearby galaxies using different potential WFIRST filter combinations.

Past Work
  • Built web interface to search, view, & analyze >170,000 WFC3 in-flight images
  • Characterized impact of WFC3/IR ''blobs'' on stellar photometry (WFC3 ISR 2015-06)
  • Studied photometric properties and time evolution of WFC3/IR ''snowballs'' (WFC3 ISR 2015-01)
  • Performed artificial galaxy tests on all CANDELS fields to characterize completeness in magnitude/radius space and incorporated results into Py2PAC angular correlation function code
  • Performed pair tests of photometric redshifts to determine core photometric redshift errors
  • Created interactive tool to search for OIII and Hα emission line galaxies in GOODS fields