Interactive ω Centauri RR Lyrae Viewer

Shows period-luminosity relations, light curves, and image cutouts for RR Lyrae variables in the globular cluster ω Centauri.

ArXiv Beta

Enter the ArXiv number of any paper to extract its tables and plot any of the data in the browser. Collaboration with Ruth Angus and others at Dot Astronomy 8.


Upload a photo and see what it would look like as taken by Curiosity, with colorization based on actual differences between Earth and Mars atmospheric spectra! Collaboration with Becky Smethurst and Jana Grcevich at the AAS227 hack day.

STScI Colortool

Various HST-related photometric tools, including a unit converter, a queryable table of conversions between WFC3/UVIS filters and corresponding Johnson-Cousins filters, and an interactive plot showing the difference in magnitude between a given encircled energy fraction and an infinite aperture.