Interactive ω Cen RR Lyrae Viewer

Here we display the period-luminosity relationship for ω Cen RR Lyrae variables in LCO/FourStar Johnson JHKs and Spitzer/IRAC 3.6 and 4.5 μm filters. Points are color-coded by [Fe/H] (from Braga et al. 2016), where red is high metallicity (–1.2 dex), yellow is medium (–1.7 dex), blue is low (–2.2 dex), and grey is no metallicity available.

Click on the data points in the period-luminosity plots to view phased light curves, image cutouts, and the location in the cluster of each star. Drag the slider at the bottom to change the period of the selected star by up to half a day. Click the buttons at the bottom to show or hide instrument footprints of the IRAC observations and the catalog of all identified ω Cen RR Lyrae (Kaluzny et al. 2004).

This dataset was taken as part of the Carnegie RR Lyrae Program (Freedman et al. 2012). Made with Bokeh and JS9.

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