Ph.D. Astronomy, University of Washington, expected 2022

B.A. Physics with Astrophysics concentration, Pomona College, 2014

A.S. Natural Sciences, Santa Rosa Junior College, 2010


Research and Instrument Analyst (RIA), STScI, 2014-2016
HST/WFC3 IR detector characterization, CANDELS completeness testing & photometric redshift error analysis
Supervisors: Dr. Elena Sabbi & Dr. Henry Ferguson

Research Assistant, Carnegie Observatories, 2013-2016
RR Lyrae period-luminosity-metallicity relations in ω Centauri with Spitzer/IRAC
Supervisor: Dr. Victoria Scowcroft

Research Assistant, Pomona College, 2012
Blazar polarimetry with Table Mountain Observatory
Supervisor: Dr. Alma Zook


M. J. Durbin, P. R. McCullough. WFC3 ISR 2015-06: The Impact of Blobs on WFC3/IR Stellar Photometry. 28 April 2015

M. J. Durbin, M. Bourque, S. Baggett. WFC3 ISR 2015-01: IR “Snowballs”: Long-Term Characterization. 10 March 2015


Teaching Assistant, University of Washington, 2016-

RIA training assistant, STScI, 2015-2016

Teaching Assistant, Pomona College, 2013-2014

Tutor, Keck Joint Sciences, 2013

Service & Outreach

Hubble Time Allocation Committee Support Staff, STScI, 2015 & 2016

Baltimore #popscope volunteer, 2015-2016

Co-founder, ALPhA (''Awesome Ladies in Physics and Astronomy''), Pomona College, 2013-2014